An adventure that cannot be missed

Experience an unparalleled, breathless adrenaline rush as Octane Run takes you on a trip like no other. Eight days of unadulterated driving joy on Europe’s finest roads, Octane Run puts you in the driving seat of an adventure holiday that’s all thriller, no filler. Make no mistake, this is it – the drive you always promised yourself. Let us show you the most evocative driving routes in the world, from the seat of your own car.

Feel the satisfaction of threading together endless apexes with the hairpins of the Stelvio Pass and feel on top of the world at the snowy summit of the towering Col D’Isran. Sweep your way past Europe’s most beautiful lakes and take in the sensations of the greatest formula one circuits of all time, from Spa to the Green Hell itself, the Nurburgring.

Reasons to Experience an Octane Run Driving Tour

European Driving Tour

Planning the perfect continental driving tour is not easy. Each Octane Run takes months of planning to bring to fruition, and is a result of years of experience. Octane Run makes it easy by plotting the perfect route, booking hotels and taking you on a tour which has been diluted to the very best roads only.

The price  you pay includes hotels, crossings and VAT. You will also have up to 3 support vehicles with experienced tour guides to lead and follow the pack; on an Octane Run holiday nobody is left behind. We also provide the loan of a Sat Nav with the route pre-loaded so you aren’t always having to rely on the car in front. You can keep in contact with the rest of the group by using one of our long range quality hand held radios and drive at your own pace.

This ain’t Butlins, or a health spa. Yes, beach holidays and relaxing by a pool are wonderful things, but this is a completely different experience. Octane Run brings you together with like-minded people who all want the same from their holiday – a week of adrenaline fueled, high octane driving on the most incredible and evocative roads in the world. In the past, we have found that sometimes the group will split into two different paces mid-trip. Our two – three car support team can then tailor the pace accordingly, so nobody is struggling to keep up or feels like they are holding up the group.

We film it. We’re not talking about shaky iPhone footage from a concert … We have the latest Go-Pro’s to transfer from car to car; we aim to capture stills as well so you have a comprehensive collection of images to show your friends. A USB will be available to purchase for delivery about a week after the trip.

Driving Tour in Italy