What’s included?

Your Octane Run Holiday includes eight separate hotels in eight different locations, each with breakfast, and your crossing through the Eurotunnel. We plan the route and loan you a sat nav with each day programmed in so you don’t get lost. We also provide some photography and two tour guides to show the way, set the pace, and look after the group.

What’s not included?

We do not include fuel, tolls, drink or food (except breakfast.) It’s worth being very honest with yourself about what mpg you expect to achieve from your car. We cover 2500 miles on the Octane Run Alpine Escape so costs can mount up. There are many tolls on the French motorway and there are charges for Swiss road tax and some tunnels like Mont Blanc.

Why do I need two people in my car?

For two reasons. One – tolls are extremely difficult in right hand drive cars and this trip would be no fun without someone to share the experience with. Two, at Octane Run we offer our tour at an extremely reasonable price to appeal to a range of people, not just the super-rich. This is only achievable with the economies of scale you achieve with two people sharing!

What about insurance?

It is your responsibility to cover yourself fully comprehensive and arrange travel insurance. We require a copy of your valid insurance certificate / cover note for our records. It’s worth noting that your insurance company will not cover you on the Nurburgring and may need to be notified that you are taking the car abroad.

What if I breakdown?

Again, it is your responsibility to arrange breakdown cover and roadside assistance. We must insist this is in place as without it the whole group could be held up for a long period of time. We carry a few basic tools for simple minor repairs but we need a copy of your breakdown cover too.

What cars are allowed on an Octane Run Tour?

Any cars are allowed, we welcome a wide mix of motors. Many will be hot hatches and sports cars but we are able to cater for all. If you’re an M5 driver looking to get away from the M25, this is your chance, by the same notion if you have a Suzuki Cappuccino and the drive to take it all the way round Europe then you are more than welcome with us!