Welsh IOM Itinerary

Why Is There Limited Detail In The Itinerary?

We purposefully keep the information that we provide before the trip very limited. However, there should be enough detail in the below itinerary to have a basic understanding of the trip format. Every evening during the trip, each team receives an envelope with the next day’s detailed itinerary. This provides an exciting element of surprise and lets us showcase those all-important special extras when they arrive.

Day One – The Rendezvous – Thursday Afternoon 

We all meet near the Welsh border on Thursday afternoon; you will be informed of the exact location and time in advance via email. The Octane Run team will run through a briefing and itinerary for day two. Seats are reserved at the Hotel’s restaurant for a friendly evening meal, which is a great chance to meet the rest of the group and the Octane Run team before getting an early night. After all, it’s a big day tomorrow…

Day Two – Rural Wales – Friday

This comprises a full day driving the best roads that Wales has to offer, with spectacular views and sheer driving pleasure. Take in some of the remote vistas – and of course the abundance of sheep! – with plenty of photo opportunities allowed without interrupting the pace of the group. The final destination for the day is on the coast of North Wales.

Day Three – Heading North – Saturday

Discover the more hidden parts of beautiful Wales as the Octane Run convoy winds its way further North. Enjoy a slightly shorter driving day, before we hop on the ferry over to the famous Isle of Man. 

Day Four – Unrestricted Fun – Sunday

A full day of exploring the Isle of Man and the world-renowned TT course, finishing off with a competitive team-based activity.  As a group we’ll round off with a final night’s dinner to reflect on the highlights of the trip. 

Day Five – Heading Home – Monday Morning

After an early start and some breakfast, it’s time to catch the ferry back to the mainland, and make your way home after an amazing  driving weekend.